Uploading Reactions to Zoom

Do you feel limited with the reactions currently available on your Zoom meetings? Lots of people do, and a quick search reveals that they are searching for how to find more of them. Unfortunately this just isn't supported yet by Zoom. But it is coming.

Zoom has grown as a product and company incredibly fast over the past year. Part of its growth includes developer outreach. This allows software developers to create more functionality for the main Zoom product to interact with. This means there are development tools and developer forums on the Zoom website. In these forums, the following question was asked:

... I love the use of emojis with reactions, and I was wondering if I could request a feature where you can add your own custom emoji or text reactions. I just realized this feature is available in the chat section, it’d be super cool to add it for the zoom conference! ...

The reply...
Hey, happy to hear you are enjoying Zoom! Just got an update, this feature is planned and will be coming in the future. (ZOOM-137907) Thanks,

From Wikipedia Emoji entry.

This is exciting. Soon, while in a video conference you'll be able to use an unlimited assortment of reactions in your meetings. When this update occurs we'll be ready and posting reactions for you to download. These will include links that will allow you to customize them.

One final note, you can still use GIFs in the Zoom messenger. Just login (instead of jumping straight into a meeting). When you log in the chat window will open and in there you can upload GIFs into your chat. So, be sure to check out the editable gif library.